Team Spirit

Team Spirit

As you know, millions of people love sports. I, however, am not that big of a sports fanatic but I do love to show some team spirit every now and then. There’s something about dressing in your teams logo and cheering them on, especially if it’s a huge game. The adrenaline rush it gives is something quite unique for sports lovers.

There is also the expense of it all, from hats, jackets, jerseys, tickets, etc., it can be costly.  However, you do all you can to support your team and hope that they give back as well.  There is nothing like showing all that spirit and your team just doesn’t quite come through.  You just have to remember though, it is just a game. Whether it be soccer, football, baseball, or any other sport.

Life is just like sports, you keep going no matter what the outcome is because you have spirit. It doesn’t matter that the ref didn’t make the call you wanted or they lost, the team had to keep going.  Maybe they will do better next time. There is also a next time, maybe different players but still the same game.  Life just keeps going, maybe not the way you intended it to but you have to keep up the spirit and move on.


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