You’re Invited

table-1719371_640via Daily Prompt: Invitation

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an invitation to just go wherever you wanted?  Whether it be the party down the street, a wedding, or a graduation, it always feels good to be included. No one ever likes to think they were the only one not invited.

Sometimes just receiving an invite, whether you can attend or not, can brighten your day. That’s because you know that someone was thinking of you and wanting  you to be there.  If not, you wouldn’t have received it.  It’s the feeling of being accepted by others that makes you feel special.  Just that notion alone can make you feel good.

Never assume you weren’t thought of though if you don’t receive one.  Sometimes the cost and space of an event can often force the host to make decisions that he or she may not like. It’s not that they don’t want you, they simply can’t .  Always try to figure out why before you get upset.  After all, the host may be just as upset about the situation too.

Whether you receive an invite or not, always know that somewhere someone is thinking of you and it doesn’t matter.  Besides you can always find things to do to make up for it.



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