Team Spirit

Team Spirit

As you know, millions of people love sports. I, however, am not that big of a sports fanatic but I do love to show some team spirit every now and then. There’s something about dressing in your teams logo and cheering them on, especially if it’s a huge game. The adrenaline rush it gives is something quite unique for sports lovers.

There is also the expense of it all, from hats, jackets, jerseys, tickets, etc., it can be costly.  However, you do all you can to support your team and hope that they give back as well.  There is nothing like showing all that spirit and your team just doesn’t quite come through.  You just have to remember though, it is just a game. Whether it be soccer, football, baseball, or any other sport.

Life is just like sports, you keep going no matter what the outcome is because you have spirit. It doesn’t matter that the ref didn’t make the call you wanted or they lost, the team had to keep going.  Maybe they will do better next time. There is also a next time, maybe different players but still the same game.  Life just keeps going, maybe not the way you intended it to but you have to keep up the spirit and move on.




How is it possible to live in a world full of people and yet be lonely? Better yet, a house full? I wish I could by all means answer these questions.

I do, however, have an opinion. I think the answer lies within us. We must first love ourselves and be confident enough not to let anyone make us feel like we aren’t worthy enough. Then maybe we could seek the people who would treat us better.

It’s one thing to be lonely when you are truly alone but entirely another when you are surrounded. I would much rather be lonely by myself. At least you have a good reason why you feel this way. But to be surrounded by people that could care less is a bit frightening. It would almost be like a deaf person in this world and not a soul knows how to communicate with you. Total silence.

Lonliness is a hard state when all you want is to feel like the people around you truly care about your feelings, thoughts, and well being. To have some respect for you as a person would be nice.

I sincerely hope that if you’re feeling lonely it’s because you chose to be alone rather than someone forcing it upon you. If not, please find the courage and confidence to find better surroundings for your peace of mind. 

Family Dinner


via Daily Prompt: Argument

We all know the holidays are coming, which is suppose to bring cheer, good will, and of course family get togethers. Tis the season!!! I do believe to be jolly is what follows that saying but let’s be real, it isn’t always so.

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to a beautifully prepared meal and an argument breaks out. You are sitting there with the best china, good friends, and family when all of a sudden, your sibling wants to fight. REALLY???? Why can’t you just have a nice meal? Your poor mother is distraught. Why wouldn’t she be? After all, she’s been preparing for days to make sure everything was perfect.

After about ten minutes, words have been said, feelings have been hurt, and someone is crying. And for what? No doubt it was over something so silly and so immature that it could’ve been avoided to begin with. All because of jealousy I’m sure. This is one of the main problems with family. One thinks the other has or gets more than they do. It’s just not fair. Well they have all the attention now.

I really hope the holidays bring you peace and joy. With nothing but love and compliments from each other. Don’t argue. It’s just a waste of time and nobody benefits from it. If anything, the only benefit is a bad time.



Fall is in the air

Pumpkins everywhere

Candles lit inside

There’s nowhere for them to hide

Some are big and tall

Sure signs that it’s fall

Some are short and round

Come see what I’ve found

There’s enough for pie

As they are stacked up high

There’s even bread

At least that’s what they said

One with a scary face

You just run from his place

One with a big smile

You can see for a mile

There’s some for carving too

It’s long overdue

It’s hard to pick which one is best

You just have to look at all the rest


I can’t explain this feeling I have. It’s a feeling of helplessness and worthlessness, like there’s no hope left for tomorrow. My world sometimes just crumbles around me and I can’t stop it.

I pray for God to help me stop this out of control spiral my mind has taken on. I want him to save me from drowning in my own overwhelming thoughts. Like a hurricane hitting the shore and wiping away all that you worked hard to build. BAM! In an instant, all good is gone.

My tears want to come but my mind says “Don’t you dare!”. You just keep containing them because you can’t show your weakness anymore. Don’t you dare tell anyone how you are feeling. They will never understand the depth and severity of your emotions.

When will this end? How long do I have to walk around with a fake smile and pretend everything is good? Knowing all the while, I’m like a ticking time bomb. Ready to explode!

If you have ever felt this way, then you truly understand. You know that until that certain something happens that makes you snap out of it, there’s nothing you can do. You simply hope for a change, a savior, or a miracle. You just want anything to stop this whirlwind of mental terror that you can’t control.

Unfortunately, it’s exhausting. It totally sucks everthing out of you. Your energy, enthusiasm, and quality of life are just not what they should or could be. I can only hope that one day my life will be as it should….peaceful.

The Christmas Tree

via Daily Prompt: Tree

The Christmas tree is a figment of what you believe Christmas to be.  For many of us, our tree represents our own spirit of the holiday. It speaks volumes as to what kind of mood we set for ourselves that time of the year.

Me, however, my tree changes year to year. It is either white or green and depending on the theme, the color of lights must coincide with the decor.  From there, we must decide what will be the right ornaments. Afterall, it has to be perfect.

A Christmas tree is something of sheer beauty, in which one can merely stare at forever. It’s especially beautiful when you turn off the house lights and let the tree radiate in it’s own glory.  If the tinsel and lights are just right, it is truly stunning.

“I gotta ask a question”

Boy do kids learn qiuck! While at my daughters the other night, she was getting the kids ready for bed. As many of you know, bedtime can be a challenge in itself. Everything was going as planned until it was actually time to get in bed.


My oldest grandson is two. He is quite charming, very smart, and loving. He loves to get and give attention to every matter. If you say it hurts, he knows kisses make it better. He is quite the little man.


So now it’s bedtime.  He is Paw Patrol everything. So of course he has to show maw maw his pillow and blankie. Let’s not forget his cup.  After all the viewing, it’s time to say goodnight.  As his mommy tries to get him in bed, he dead stops and says, “I gotta ask mawmaw a question.” At this point, we both grin because we both know that’s a definite delay. However, it happened to be the first time either of us had heard him say that before.


Isn’t it funny how fast they pick up things? I would expect this from a four year old but two!! This just goes to show I’ve got a very smart little guy on my hands. Oh my, the things to come. ☺

Autumn Appeal

Simply beautiful. Red, yellow, orange, and green, what a scene.

If you truly want to enjoy the beauty, take a drive down a country road.  It’s such a serene sight. The cool crisp air is breathtaking. 

The leaves that have fallen give it an even more appeal. They lay on the ground under the tree a if the tree was blanketing its own roots. A sign of what’s to come. The unique way nature tells us winter will soon be here. 


Isn’t guilt a funny thing? How can some people just make you feel so bad? I for one always feel guilty for something. Mostly because I don’t like to see someone hurting. I can’t stand to see a person needing something more than I can give.

Telling someone “no” is very hard sometimes. No can be very hurtful to people. Especially if they are sensitive or feeling down. There are times that you, yourself just need to reevaluate your own needs for peace of mind. So therefore, you have to say no to someone. Unfortunately it winds up hurting you just as bad as them. Guilt.

There’s nothing worse than seeing someone in a situation and know that you can’t help them. I am not a rich person by any means. If I were maybe there would be less guilt. I could help more. I could give them what they need.  Damn it…..guilt.

Then there’s those poor animals without homes. You just wished you could build a huge shelter and house them all. Feed them, love them, and show them affection is all you need to do.  We all know that it’s an impossible thing to do but…….guilt wins again!

If I were just an emotionless person, it would be better. At least that’s what I tell myself. I do know that my heart is to big for that scenario. My heart is huge and all I want to do is make everybody feel better. Yes, I know this is an impossible feat but I’m still going to try.

Guilt is a nasty thing. It hurts your heart and soul to the core. It causes sleepless nights, tears, and an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. So whatever you do, try not to make someone feel guilty if for some reason they can’t help you at that moment. You neve truly know how someone else is feeling.