It’s been awhile

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You’re Invited

table-1719371_640via Daily Prompt: Invitation

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an invitation to just go wherever you wanted?  Whether it be the party down the street, a wedding, or a graduation, it always feels good to be included. No one ever likes to think they were the only one not invited.

Sometimes just receiving an invite, whether you can attend or not, can brighten your day. That’s because you know that someone was thinking of you and wanting  you to be there.  If not, you wouldn’t have received it.  It’s the feeling of being accepted by others that makes you feel special.  Just that notion alone can make you feel good.

Never assume you weren’t thought of though if you don’t receive one.  Sometimes the cost and space of an event can often force the host to make decisions that he or she may not like. It’s not that they don’t want you, they simply can’t .  Always try to figure out why before you get upset.  After all, the host may be just as upset about the situation too.

Whether you receive an invite or not, always know that somewhere someone is thinking of you and it doesn’t matter.  Besides you can always find things to do to make up for it.



via Daily Prompt: Ovation

So tell me who doesn’t look for an ovation when they feel they have accomplished something great.  I know many people that look for praise at things they do or have done.

You know, you don’t have to be an actress or singer to get an ovation.  Simple things deserve it too. So many think that simple things don’t matter but that just isn’t true.  Take a mother, she dedicates her life and gives without taking to make sure her children are taken care of. How about a father? He goes out daily to work to provide for his family. A fireman, policeman, and a teacher all deserve ovations. 

You see, it’s not about being the best, it’s about giving your best.  


Keep it Classy

via Daily Prompt: Protest

I believe it’s ok to protest whatever cause you support, however, keep it classy.   People all over the world have different views and opinions about everything, but that doesn’t mean we have to disrespect one another.

There are so many protest going on where the communities burn their cities, rob each other blind, and do whatever crazy thing it is that they do. Come on, people….GROW UP!! You are only hurting each other and what does that prove?  Absolutely nothing. It only shows that you condone such God awful behavior in your own way of life. Trust me, there are so many ways you can handle things in a much more mature manner.

I guess I just don’t understand why people can’t realize others don’t share their views or beliefs. Instead it has to be made an ordeal. What happened to the good olé days when simplicity was key?  I mean what are we teaching our future generations, that violence and arrogance are what it takes to survive. I genuinely hope not or we are in trouble.

I simply ask if you do feel the need to protest against something, you do it in a mature fashion.

Easier Said Than Done

I would love to think I was able to do some of the things I give others advice about. For instance, I tell my kids to never give up, yet I find myself giving up on a lot of things. 

Why is this? Why is it so easy to know what others should do? Why can’t we, as humans, see that it’s easier said than done? 

We always feel the need to tell others what they need, how to feel, what to do, and yet do none of these things ourselves. We are so blind to our own circimstances because either our noses are stuck where they don’t belong or we simply choose not to acknowledge it. 

I simply wish I could follow my own advice sometimes. Maybe, just maybe, I would be better off when it comes to certain affairs. 

Biggest Shopping Day

via Daily Prompt: Chaotic

The biggest shopping day is upon us, yes black Friday.  If you have ever gone shopping on this epic day then you know the true meaning of chaotic.

As soon as the store opens their doors, look out.  People start shoving and pushing their way to the merchandise on sale.  They will knock you down, step on your feet, and be just downright rude.  It is a total nightmare.

The bad part is when it’s done, the lines to check out are just as chaotic as opening the doors.  You have to stand there forever and listen to the people complain.  Really, like they didn’t know it would be this way.  Hopefully you didn’t buy something you need assistance to get to the car, there’s never an available employee.

It doesn’t end there, after the sale, the store is a huge mess!  Stuff is strung out everywhere.  You must ask yourself, is it worth it?  Is it worth all the chaos?

Agoraphobia and the Holidays

via Daily Prompt: Anticipation

We all know it’s that time of year, time for lots of friends and family get togethers.  The parties, the gifts, and the food.  Seems like a lot in the span of one and half months.

The only problem with this is the anticipation can be so great that panic can set in.  At least it does for me.  I have Agoraphobia and the thought of doing these things terrify me. I can with the help of my medication but sometimes even that’s not enough to suppress that overwhelming feeling.  The worst part is knowing it’s coming, you sit and anticipate every hour, every minute, and every second until it’s time to go.  Unfortuneately by that time, I’m doomed.  I am much better at spur of the minute plans.  I simply don’t have time to think about them.

For those of you that don’t know what Agoraphobia is, it’s the fear of leaving your safe zone, the fear of going out.  So now you can understand my predicament. Maybe someday I will get back to normal, just not yet.  Mine was triggered after I had a hysterectomy.  I never had this before so I’m not sure what happened.

Anyways, I will sit back and continue to anticipate the coming up holidays and hopefully get through them one day at a time.