All of me


What if someone said to you, “All I have to offer is me.” How would that make you feel? Is or would that be enough for you?  Does money really make the relationship work? Are looks everything? Do you really need a nice car or house to be in a relationship?

Unfortunately in today’s society, money is everything. We feel in order to be appreciated or loved we must be able to offer more than ourselves.  I only wish people knew that wasn’t the case.  If they did, there would a lot less lonely people.

Never be afraid to offer “me” to someone you truly care about. In the end if it was meant to be, it will be.  If not, you truly haven’t lost anything. If nothing else, chalk it up as a lesson for the next real thing.

Just remember, if you can’t offer 100% of you, how can you expect someone to offer the same.



In Memory of


There’s nothing like the loss of a pet.  Unless you are an animal lover, you probably don’t understand the grief.  Some people wonder how you could be so upset cause after all it’s just an animal. So NOT true.

Many adopt their fur babies when they are very young. They bring them home, feed, cuddle, and train them. They are just like children. They steal your heart. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for them.

I, myself, know all to well the grief. The pain of losing a pet. In my many years as a pet owner, there is nothing like feeling that loss. The heartbreak can be so unbearable.  All you can do is try to remember all the love you gave and all the love you got back.  There’s nothing like the love they give in return. That’s when you know you’ve done something right.

There’s the memories of tail wagging and kisses when they see you after you’ve been gone. How about the snuggling on a cool night? The purrs of contentment? The kneading of safety? Most of all, how they comforted you as much as you did them. Always keep those fur babies in your memories. Never let the heartbreak stop you from sharing that same love with another pet.

R.I.P. Miss Genevieve.  (pictured) You will never be forgotten as long as I live. You were gentle, kind, and protective. 💖

Daily Prompt: Panic

via Daily Prompt: Panic

If there is one thing I can actually elaborate on, it’s panic.  Being diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder, along with Agoraphobia, is no fun.  The combination is merely a disaster.  For those of you who don’t know what Agoraphobia is, it’s the fear of leaving one’s safe place.  Meaning, to venture out somewhere unknown is traumatic.

I was diagnosed with these conditions after having a hysterectomy.  The hormone changes caused a chemical imbalance and led to the most awful chain of events.  I have always known a little fear but not like this.  This is something that is so indescribable.  It is the worse feeling in the world.  You never know from day to day if you are going to be able to go the store, the doctors, or your child’s school events.  It’s frustrating to say the least.

I remember when it first began after surgery.  The intense fear.  Fear so real that I could not understand what was happening.  Hyperventilating, sweating, and tears were being released from my body and there was nothing I could do.  My body would literally be sick. My mind would race a hundred miles an hour.  What in the world was happening. I could not even walk out the front door.

Needless to say, after trials of medications to get this fixed, I have found a fit.  Unfortunately, I will probably be on them the rest of my life.  It has caused severe depression, anxiety, and of course panic in everyday life.  Traveling, going shopping, and any event really has become an issue.  I, however, am strong. I am learning to cope with the meds and trying to conquer these fears.  I am hoping someday to overcome this madness and return to life as I once knew it.

It’s been six years now.  I am able to go more places and learn to cope a little better in public.  Maybe, just maybe, I am finally getting some life back.

Maw maw’s Corner

capture9_24_2016_7_05_46_amI would like to introduce you to Maw maw’s Corner.  This is a page created by me to introduce my world as a maw maw to you.  Each week, I would love to share my little blessings with you.  By blessings, I mean my grandchildren of course. Being a grandmother is such a fun job.

Let’s elaborate on fun.   You get to sit back and watch these babies grow up without all the fun duties of motherhood.  Or do you?  I would like to think that but having custody of two of mine for two years, I got to me granny/mommy.  Now, mommy got custody back and it’s time to be just grandma.  Actually, maw maw is what they call me.  Now, it’s the fun part. I can be the consoling, fun, and loving maw maw that gets to send them back to their mommy when need be.

Please join me weekly for my new regular feature.  I am absolutely excited to share my stories, thoughts, and blessings with you.  Most likely a picture or two as well.

Daily Prompt: Stylish

via Daily Prompt: Stylish

Isn’t it funny how some people think what they wear is stylish?  Yet others are thinking, no way!  Style of course is up to the individual’s liking.  Not everyone has the same taste and that is what makes it so diverse.

It would, however, be nice if most styles were for all body sizes and shapes. There’s nothing worse than someone who doesn’t have the “profile” for a specific type of style but chooses to wear it anyway.  Let’s talk leggings.  Not stylish at all!!!  Ninety percent of women should not wear those.

I do think that there are some very stylish people in the world.  So when they wear their style in good taste, in makes them even more attractive.  There’s just nothing like seeing someone that looks good compared to someone you just can’t even fathom.


Listen to the world around you.  All the noise of everyday life can be so annoyingly loud.  Actually, you probably didn’t really hear it.  We are so in tuned with everyday life that we’ve become immune to the noise.

Think about this:  We wake up to an alarm clock. Immediately turn on the news so we can hear the weather and traffic report.  Then it’s time to wake the kids (if you have them) and make breakfast and get them ready to go.  Jump into the car and off you go.  The kids are talking, the radio is blaring, and the car is running.  Next, you are at work.  People are either talking or you can hear soft music in the background.  Lunch time, you go to the nearest café, where there is idle chitchat and the clinging of dishes, and of course more music.  If that isn’t enough, it’s time to go pick up the kids, go to the store, make dinner, and watch your nightly tv shows.  In the meantime, the kids are playing, someone’s mowing, and the dog is barking.  Phew, it’s finally time for bed. So there you have it, the world around you.

Silence, you say?  Just a mere touch of silence can be so rewarding.  It can really do a body good.  It can be the most calming remedy for the soul.  Everyone needs a little time to gather their thoughts and relax.  So I highly recommend that even if it’s five minutes, take the opportunity to enjoy it.

Never Give Up

Sometimes we underestimate ourselves when it comes to our own potential. What we are truly capable of doing or becoming.  I think in everyone we see around us, we sometimes wish we could be as ambitious as they are.  Guess what?  You can be!  All it takes is willpower.  Some things may come easy and some may be the most difficult ever.  The key is to never give up.  To learn what is inside you, what makes you truly who you are.

As many of you know, we are not going to succeed at everything we do. That’s ok, at least you tried.  You got to experience something otherwise you may not have ever done.  Most people in their life time will not be able to say that.  The reason being, they simply didn’t try. How unfortunate for them.  They never knew what could have been different in their lives.

Basically it boils down to this,  never be afraid to try something new.  Even if you fail, you succeeded. It’s really a win-win situation.

Somewhere Out There


I can only imagine from my small house in Kentucky, that right now someone is getting married, having a party, or perhaps the not so nice thing to do such as a funeral or a boring meeting.  So many lives out there and so many different people.  Different places to see, eat, and sleep.  You name it, it’s a big world full of everything.  I guess that’s why we are all so curious all the time.  Why we seem to never be satisfied with what’s here.

Curiosity, it’s a funny thing.  They say it killed the cat, yet satisfaction brought it back.  Is need for satisfaction so strong that we would risk our very soul to get it?  I’m guessing the percentage of that is very high.  Unfortunately, so many people have a strong desire to meet within themselves that they forget just how good their lives really are.  They tend to forget about the obvious good things they already have.  Love, family, and friendship are often forgotten about when the desire is to strong.  So many times, people wind of hurting themselves the most. It’s a very sad thing when that happens.  Not just for them but the ones they have hurt in the process.

Wait!!   What about satisfaction?  Sometimes things work out really well for people who don’t let anything stop them.  After all, isn’t that how people become successful, happy, and peaceful within themselves?  Look at this way, if they hadn’t taken the chance, they might be miserable.  They may not be able to cope with how their life was turning out.  They may feel like there is truly something missing in their lives.  Again, making them ask the question, “What else is out there?”

I guess the ultimate decision to find out is yours. I mean, somewhere out there just may have the answers your seeking. Or does it?  The only way to find out if the grass is greener or just a figment of imagination is to figure out what truly drives you. I just hope that one day everyone, everywhere will have peace, love, and friendship.  Remember, it’s your life.   Make the most of every moment.



Life Lessons

What exactly are life lessons? That’s easy to answer. Everybody in existence has or have had hard times, good times, sad times and unexplained events in their lives. From these experiences, we take away different views from those outcomes. This my friend is a life lesson. When you can take a whole experience and learn something from it.

What are some life lessons you have had and what did you take away from it? It’s not always easy to admit some of them. Some on the other hand you can’t wait to share. Just think for a minute, try to recall some of yours. Always remember to share, someone may be of help or just friendly advice.