Biggest Shopping Day

via Daily Prompt: Chaotic

The biggest shopping day is upon us, yes black Friday.  If you have ever gone shopping on this epic day then you know the true meaning of chaotic.

As soon as the store opens their doors, look out.  People start shoving and pushing their way to the merchandise on sale.  They will knock you down, step on your feet, and be just downright rude.  It is a total nightmare.

The bad part is when it’s done, the lines to check out are just as chaotic as opening the doors.  You have to stand there forever and listen to the people complain.  Really, like they didn’t know it would be this way.  Hopefully you didn’t buy something you need assistance to get to the car, there’s never an available employee.

It doesn’t end there, after the sale, the store is a huge mess!  Stuff is strung out everywhere.  You must ask yourself, is it worth it?  Is it worth all the chaos?


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