My Little Copycat

<a href="">Copycat</a>

I have a little copycat.  He’s quite cute if I do say so myself.  All of his little one year old self just loves to do whatever everybody else is doing.  He especially loves to watch his big brother.  His big brother is only two years old but to him he’s probably a giant.

As a grandmother of this little copycat, I think it’s just absolutely adorable how he manages to get it right.  God love him, he tries hard.  It may not always be spot on but it’s pretty close.  It’s amazing how much they learn from just copying what others are doing. They grow up way to fast as it is, so to watch him try to grow faster than he needs to is mindblowing.

The funny thing is, as they get older, they will hate the fact that someone is copying them. His older brother won’t think it’s so exciting anymore.  He will find it quite annoying.  So I guess we should embrace now while we can.wp-1475909138364.jpg


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