Family Dinner


via Daily Prompt: Argument

We all know the holidays are coming, which is suppose to bring cheer, good will, and of course family get togethers. Tis the season!!! I do believe to be jolly is what follows that saying but let’s be real, it isn’t always so.

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to a beautifully prepared meal and an argument breaks out. You are sitting there with the best china, good friends, and family when all of a sudden, your sibling wants to fight. REALLY???? Why can’t you just have a nice meal? Your poor mother is distraught. Why wouldn’t she be? After all, she’s been preparing for days to make sure everything was perfect.

After about ten minutes, words have been said, feelings have been hurt, and someone is crying. And for what? No doubt it was over something so silly and so immature that it could’ve been avoided to begin with. All because of jealousy I’m sure. This is one of the main problems with family. One thinks the other has or gets more than they do. It’s just not fair. Well they have all the attention now.

I really hope the holidays bring you peace and joy. With nothing but love and compliments from each other. Don’t argue. It’s just a waste of time and nobody benefits from it. If anything, the only benefit is a bad time.



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