“I gotta ask a question”

Boy do kids learn qiuck! While at my daughters the other night, she was getting the kids ready for bed. As many of you know, bedtime can be a challenge in itself. Everything was going as planned until it was actually time to get in bed.


My oldest grandson is two. He is quite charming, very smart, and loving. He loves to get and give attention to every matter. If you say it hurts, he knows kisses make it better. He is quite the little man.


So now it’s bedtime.  He is Paw Patrol everything. So of course he has to show maw maw his pillow and blankie. Let’s not forget his cup.  After all the viewing, it’s time to say goodnight.  As his mommy tries to get him in bed, he dead stops and says, “I gotta ask mawmaw a question.” At this point, we both grin because we both know that’s a definite delay. However, it happened to be the first time either of us had heard him say that before.


Isn’t it funny how fast they pick up things? I would expect this from a four year old but two!! This just goes to show I’ve got a very smart little guy on my hands. Oh my, the things to come. ☺


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