All of me


What if someone said to you, “All I have to offer is me.” How would that make you feel? Is or would that be enough for you?  Does money really make the relationship work? Are looks everything? Do you really need a nice car or house to be in a relationship?

Unfortunately in today’s society, money is everything. We feel in order to be appreciated or loved we must be able to offer more than ourselves.  I only wish people knew that wasn’t the case.  If they did, there would a lot less lonely people.

Never be afraid to offer “me” to someone you truly care about. In the end if it was meant to be, it will be.  If not, you truly haven’t lost anything. If nothing else, chalk it up as a lesson for the next real thing.

Just remember, if you can’t offer 100% of you, how can you expect someone to offer the same.



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