In Memory of


There’s nothing like the loss of a pet.  Unless you are an animal lover, you probably don’t understand the grief.  Some people wonder how you could be so upset cause after all it’s just an animal. So NOT true.

Many adopt their fur babies when they are very young. They bring them home, feed, cuddle, and train them. They are just like children. They steal your heart. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for them.

I, myself, know all to well the grief. The pain of losing a pet. In my many years as a pet owner, there is nothing like feeling that loss. The heartbreak can be so unbearable.  All you can do is try to remember all the love you gave and all the love you got back.  There’s nothing like the love they give in return. That’s when you know you’ve done something right.

There’s the memories of tail wagging and kisses when they see you after you’ve been gone. How about the snuggling on a cool night? The purrs of contentment? The kneading of safety? Most of all, how they comforted you as much as you did them. Always keep those fur babies in your memories. Never let the heartbreak stop you from sharing that same love with another pet.

R.I.P. Miss Genevieve.  (pictured) You will never be forgotten as long as I live. You were gentle, kind, and protective. 💖


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