Maw maw’s Corner

capture9_24_2016_7_05_46_amI would like to introduce you to Maw maw’s Corner.  This is a page created by me to introduce my world as a maw maw to you.  Each week, I would love to share my little blessings with you.  By blessings, I mean my grandchildren of course. Being a grandmother is such a fun job.

Let’s elaborate on fun.   You get to sit back and watch these babies grow up without all the fun duties of motherhood.  Or do you?  I would like to think that but having custody of two of mine for two years, I got to me granny/mommy.  Now, mommy got custody back and it’s time to be just grandma.  Actually, maw maw is what they call me.  Now, it’s the fun part. I can be the consoling, fun, and loving maw maw that gets to send them back to their mommy when need be.

Please join me weekly for my new regular feature.  I am absolutely excited to share my stories, thoughts, and blessings with you.  Most likely a picture or two as well.


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