Listen to the world around you.  All the noise of everyday life can be so annoyingly loud.  Actually, you probably didn’t really hear it.  We are so in tuned with everyday life that we’ve become immune to the noise.

Think about this:  We wake up to an alarm clock. Immediately turn on the news so we can hear the weather and traffic report.  Then it’s time to wake the kids (if you have them) and make breakfast and get them ready to go.  Jump into the car and off you go.  The kids are talking, the radio is blaring, and the car is running.  Next, you are at work.  People are either talking or you can hear soft music in the background.  Lunch time, you go to the nearest café, where there is idle chitchat and the clinging of dishes, and of course more music.  If that isn’t enough, it’s time to go pick up the kids, go to the store, make dinner, and watch your nightly tv shows.  In the meantime, the kids are playing, someone’s mowing, and the dog is barking.  Phew, it’s finally time for bed. So there you have it, the world around you.

Silence, you say?  Just a mere touch of silence can be so rewarding.  It can really do a body good.  It can be the most calming remedy for the soul.  Everyone needs a little time to gather their thoughts and relax.  So I highly recommend that even if it’s five minutes, take the opportunity to enjoy it.


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