Somewhere Out There


I can only imagine from my small house in Kentucky, that right now someone is getting married, having a party, or perhaps the not so nice thing to do such as a funeral or a boring meeting.  So many lives out there and so many different people.  Different places to see, eat, and sleep.  You name it, it’s a big world full of everything.  I guess that’s why we are all so curious all the time.  Why we seem to never be satisfied with what’s here.

Curiosity, it’s a funny thing.  They say it killed the cat, yet satisfaction brought it back.  Is need for satisfaction so strong that we would risk our very soul to get it?  I’m guessing the percentage of that is very high.  Unfortunately, so many people have a strong desire to meet within themselves that they forget just how good their lives really are.  They tend to forget about the obvious good things they already have.  Love, family, and friendship are often forgotten about when the desire is to strong.  So many times, people wind of hurting themselves the most. It’s a very sad thing when that happens.  Not just for them but the ones they have hurt in the process.

Wait!!   What about satisfaction?  Sometimes things work out really well for people who don’t let anything stop them.  After all, isn’t that how people become successful, happy, and peaceful within themselves?  Look at this way, if they hadn’t taken the chance, they might be miserable.  They may not be able to cope with how their life was turning out.  They may feel like there is truly something missing in their lives.  Again, making them ask the question, “What else is out there?”

I guess the ultimate decision to find out is yours. I mean, somewhere out there just may have the answers your seeking. Or does it?  The only way to find out if the grass is greener or just a figment of imagination is to figure out what truly drives you. I just hope that one day everyone, everywhere will have peace, love, and friendship.  Remember, it’s your life.   Make the most of every moment.




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